Palermo – A Heritage City In Italy

Palermo is a city in Italy which is known for its culture, history, architecture, old cathedrals, and museums. The busy streets and colorful marketplaces can keep the tourists actively engaged for several hours. Our stay in Palermo was a unique experience and the best part was the guided city tour that took us to several medieval monuments and historic structures that represent the Arab-Norman artistry. In this review, I have mentioned some notable sites in the city that shouldn’t be missed.


  • Oratorio Di San Lorenzo


Oratorio di San Lorenzo is the Italian for the Oratory of Saint Lawrence. It is a Baroque oratory that dates back to the 16th century. It is one of the major attractions located in Kalsa, the historic quarter in Palermo. The place exhibits astounding stucco statues and carvings created by the popular Italian sculptor Giacomo Serpotta. Here you can also see the replica of the masterpiece painting ‘the Adoration’.


  • Giardino Inglese


Opened in 1851, the Giardino Inglese is a grand garden that occupies an area of over 14 acres of land. There is no entry fee for visiting the garden that houses lots of beautiful landscapes, traditional-looking lawns, flowering shrubs, and groves of trees. There is an artificial lake, an ice rink, and a playground that keeps the kids pleasantly engaged. The place also has a cafe that serves refreshments and snacks for the visitors.


  • Palazzo Abatellis


Palazzo Abatellis is a palace that houses the Galleria Regionale della Sicilia (the Sicilian Gallery of Art). The 15th-century palace is an illustration of Gothic-Catalan style of architecture. The art gallery which is maintained as a museum exhibits lots of interesting relics. Here you can see some amazing statues and sculptures that belong to the medieval era. The popular exhibits are the Triumph of Death, the Virgin Annunciate, and the Malvagna Triptych. The place is also known for preserving exquisite wooden works by 12th-century artists.