Five Must See Places In New York City

Those who are contemplating a visit to the major US cities will surely include New York City among them. The city is a world hub of business, industry as well as entertainment, research, fashion, media and so forth. Located at the southern end of the state by the same name, it is a populous city that has several suburban areas that span out from it. Known to be a financial, cultural and media capital of the world, it is a city that one needs to visit to experience its uniqueness.

The city is lined by an extensive bay and shoreline that host one of the busiest harbors of the world. It is broken up onto five boroughs which are Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Staten Island and The Bronx. It has become a hub of different ethnic communities and it is also a city that is linguistically the most diverse. The city stands for freedom as well as cultural diversity, creativity, social tolerance, environmental sustainability and entrepreneurship.  New York City truly is the city that NEVER sleeps.

For those who are tourists to this city, it is hard to single out a few places to see as there is an overwhelming long list of things to do and see. One must start with a visit to Central Park. This iconic city park has scenic walking avenues and several recreational activities go on here.

The National 9/11 Memorial and Museum is a must see among the monuments here of historic interest. There is a specialty museum here, which is an iconic landmark of the city.

The city has a long list of art museums, but to start off one can visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art which is one of the famed museums in this city.

Top of the Rock is also a popular and must see destination with an observation deck that provides splendid views of the city and the surroundings.

To enjoy the harbor area and the view of the waterside the Staten Island Ferry service is a popular tourist attraction as well.

Besides visiting the several tourist destinations around the city, there are numerous wining and dining options which are a must try among the retail destinations here.