Can Tho – A City with Floating Markets, Backwaters and More

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Mekong Delta region is a place you would not want to miss when you are in Vietnam. I also planned to stop by places here and one of the cities that serve as epi-center of the region is Can Tho. It is known to be the largest city here, a reason why I made this a stop-over in my travels through the city.

Urban Landscape amidst the Backwaters

You might imagine a rural setting with the backwaters here but there is a bustling metropolis as well. The waterfront here is made lively with several sculpted gardens. There are backstreets that are narrow and lined with souvenir shops. There are boulevards that are great for walking around and exploring the city life. I took a boat tour as well which takes one through the floating markets as well as by the different canals and waterways.

Local Attractions

There are several places to see here. The floating market of Cai Rang is one of the main attractions here and is great for photography. I also stopped by the Ong Temple here, located by Can Tho River; this Chinese temple has a large assembly hall and is decorated by incense coils of large designs that are a unique sight.

This city also houses a bird sanctuary. It spreads across 1.3 hectares and lies on the road between Long Xuyen and Can Tho. It is known for snowy egrets and resident storks. I also discovered a unique Buddhist pagoda here; three levels high, a golden structure built back in 1948 and located in one of the backstreets of the city. The carved details on its walls are worth taking a closer look at.

Eateries and More

Besides taking tours of the floating market and the stork sanctuary, you can also enjoy local Vietnamese cuisine here. I discovered that the popular dish in town is Nem Nuong which comprises of rice rolls made with ingredients like pork sausage, star fruit, green banana, cucumber, and others, allowing one to choose the kind of stuffings they want in their rice rolls.