Buenos Aires – The City Which Forwards

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Buenos Aires is the capital city of Argentina and the most popular too. The city is multicultural and filled with all sorts of activities and attractions you would ever want to experience. The city has two major themes amusement parks which are famous globally and one of those is a full time operating park that is it works 24 x 7. The city’s atmosphere is very sizzling and disenchanted. It offers you shopping destinations, restaurants and bars and there are loads of them to choose for. The city hosts the major five and seven-star hotels. Literally, nothing can beat the vibe of this city. It is true to its name as the capital city. Here are the must-visits places from my point of view.

Recoleta Cemetery

This is one of the most popular destinations for the Aires; you might think why a normal Cemetery, but this is not just any cemetery. Each burial here are differently created and are like small huts. The very famous kings and queens of Argentina were buried in this very cemetery and have been named to be here since those times. The rich and tight architecture of the cemetery can tell you a thousand stories. Not just anybody can use the cemetery; it is known that mostly the rich of the state use the cemetery. It is a very bizarrely iconic place in the city.

La Cabrera

You are in the eating destination of Argentina, if you come to Buenos and doesn’t try the wine and steak of the city, you have done nothing productive about your trip. Argentina is known to culturally get together and hold together a beef barbeque; it is one of their traditions that have been following for quite a long time now. And La Cabrera is the restaurant that offers you the best barbeque steaks; they are literally to die for. They are a bit expensive but are a hundred percent worth it.